Đề thi IOE lớp 3 vòng 20 (cấp thành phố) năm học 2020-2021

Đề thi IOE lớp 3 vòng 20 (cấp thành phố) năm học 2020-2021


Bài thi số 1/ khoanh vào chữ đặt trước câu trả lời đúng.

1/Is your name Le Kim Dong?-No,it’s Le Kim Dong.

a.middle b.first c.family d.full

2/Linda is calling and Emma is the telephone.

a.speaking b.telling c.answering d.saying

3/Odd one out:

a.piano b.guitar c.singer d.violin

4/Red is my . colour.

a.favourite b.interesting c.beautiful d.like

5/Would you like to play basketball?- Good idea!

a.I like b.I love it c,I’d love to d.I want

6/Excuse me.Can I sit here?- .

a.Sure! b.Here you are! c.Yes,I can. d.I’m sure

7/I’d like to send this letter . China.

a.to b.on c.in d.at


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Bài thi số 1/ khoanh vào chữ đặt trước câu trả lời đúng.
1/Is your name Le Kim Dong?-No,it’s Le Kim Dong.
a.middle b.first c.family d.full
2/Linda is calling and Emma is the telephone.
a.speaking b.telling c.answering d.saying
3/Odd one out:
a.piano b.guitar c.singer d.violin
4/Red is my .. colour.
a.favourite b.interesting c.beautiful d.like
5/Would you like to play basketball?- Good idea!
a.I like b.I love it c,I’d love to d.I want
6/Excuse me.Can I sit here?- .
a.Sure! b.Here you are! c.Yes,I can. d.I’m sure
7/I’d like to send this letter . China.
a.to b.on c.in d.at
8/Ann and her brother at home yesterday
a.didn’t are b.wasn’t c.weren’t d.not were
9/Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:
a.wet b.chess c.yesterday d.pretty
10/Odd one out:
a.playing b.learning c.writing d.evening	
11.Don’t let your brother the present.
a.to see b.seeing c.see d.sees
12.How do you study in the school library?-Every afternoon.
a.usually b.never c.sometimes d.often
13.We are work at the moment. 
a.on b.in c.at 	 d.with
14.What is Elena’s date of bith?- ..
a.September 2nd b.September and 2nd c.2nd and September d.September 2
15.Why does Alex go to the .?-Because he has a toothache.
a.teacher b.nurse c.policeman d.dentist	
16.I can’t watch TV because I have too .homework.
a.much b.very c.a lot d.many	 
17.Odd one out:
a.player b.worker c.painter d.teacher
18.The book is open in front .her on the desk.
 a.of b.to c.with d.by	
19.May I have sugar?
a.one b.a c.some d.many
20.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently	
a.great b.clean c.teacher	 d.beans
21.My father has a letter his friend in Singapore.	
a.of b.from c.to d.down	
22.What time the movie start?-At 7 pm. 	
a.do b.does c.is d.are
23.Is this your time in Hanoi?-Yes,it is
a.one b.two c.first d.new
24.There are 28 29 days in February.
a.in b.on c.or d.and	
25.On the table,there were vegetables,bread and two large 
a.bowl of soup b.bowl of soups c.bowls of soups d.bowls of soup
26.My father never drinks coffee for breakfast.
a.much b.many c.any d.A&C are correct
27.Which is the third month of the year?- 
a.January b.March c.August d.November
28: .. noodles for dinner last night?
a.Did you eat b.Were you eat c.Did you ate d.Do you ate	
29.Odd one out:	
a.playing b.learning c.writing d.evening
30/Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:
a.tired b.fish c.thing d.sick
31/Tommy is 10 years but he’s very tall.
a.age b.old c.high d.long	
Bài thi 2/What’s the order(thứ tự nào đúng) 
1.n e a v e r:_______________________
2.b u i l i d i n g;____________________ 
3.s e a r s o n:______________________
4.f r o n u t:________________________
5.b e h i n a d:______________________	
6.t h w i c e:_______________________	
7.c h a l e n d a r:___________________	
8.o r t a n g e:______________________
9.f i n e l d:________________________
10.m i l d d l e:_____________________	
11.s o m i l e:_________________________
12:w i n v i t e:________________________	
13.m u s t e u m:_______________________	
14.s o r e r y:_________________________
15.c i r c i l e:_________________________ 	
16.h u n i g r y:________________________
17.c a n e d y:_________________________	
18.b r o w o n:_________________________	
19.s o w e e t:__________________________	
20.p u z z a l e:_________________________	
21.l a c k e:____________________________	
22.r o p u n d:__________________________	
23.p i l a c e:___________________________	
24.m a t e t e r:__________________________
25.g u i s t a r:___________________________
26.f a s t h e r:___________________________
27.c a l w a y s:___________________________
28.p r e y t t y:____________________________
29.a g r a i n:______________________________
30.m i l d d l e:_____________________________
31.m i r s t a k e:____________________________
Section 2: WHAT’S THE ORDER?
Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:
 Question 4:
Question 5:
Question 6:
Question 7:
Question 8:
Question 9:
Question 10:
Section 3: Find the honey.
 Chúc các em học giỏ i!
1/ friend, /Mary /my /is / too.
2/ He /Jim /is talking./ sleeping. / isn’t
3/ How are you? –I’m fine. Thank you._ _ d you?
4/_ _ _ many dogs do you have? I have two dogs.
5/ Point .. the maps, children. 	
	a.in	b.at	c.to	d.on
6/ This is my aunt young and pretty.
	a.she’s	 	b.she’s is	c.He	d.He’s
7/ in/ my bag./ two / There are / pencils
8/ black board, / at / Look / please. / the
9/ I have a parrot. How .ut you?
10/ Hello. I .Peter. Nice to meet you.
11/ This is my friend, Andy. ..
	a.It’s nice to meet you	b. It’s nice too meet you	
 	 c.It’is nice to meet you	d.She is my friend,too
12/ ..you tomorrow, Alice. _Goodbye
	a.See	b.See’s	c.See you	d.Bye
13/is / Jack’s sister / doing / What / in the garden?
14 /a year?/ months/ are / there in / How many
15/ Look . The blackboard, please.
16/ your books pink? _ Yes, they are.
17/ ’s her name? _ Her name’s Kathy Brown.
18/ That’s Alice. ....my new friend.
19/ and an / eraser./ two/ I have/ rulers
20/ mother/ the/ My /kitchen./ is in
21/ This is my loving m I call her “Mummy”
22/ She’s beautiful. And who’s this? _ It’s my elder brother. H . name Trung
23/ .is that? That’s Mary. She is my friend.
	a.How	b.when	c.who	d.where
24/ My sister ..got two new dolls.
	a.have	b.is	c.has	d.am
25/ red/ crayons./ These /are
 .. ..
26/ there/ eleven hours/ in /a day?/ Are
27/ Is the ball ..er the table yours?
28/ How old is jim? He is years old.
29/ Mary goes to school library to .books.
	a.read’s	b.reads	c.read	d.read to
30/ Where are my dolls?_ They are .. the floor.
	a.in	b.at	c.under	d.on
31/ on/ a/ picture /	 Let’s draw / the wall.
32/ your dad and mum? / these/ Are / photos / of
 33/ This is the way I c my room.
34/ is that ? That is my young brother.
35/ is my best friend.
	a.My	b.He	c.Her	d.It
36/ Who is she,Peter? 
	a.she Mary	b.He’s Tom	c.She’s Mary	 d.My name is Mary
37/ Your brother’s / at / the desk./ ball / is
38/This / is / my/ father’s / car.
39/ How y cats does Lan have? She has two.
40/Is your school small? ., it’s big.
41/ .out your book.
	a.Take’s	b.Take	c.takes	d.To take
42/Do you have a ..? 
	a.doctor	b.nurse	c.sister	d.brother
43/ colour/ What / pens? / those / are
44 / go to / morning / school / I / every
45/ S ..you again, students.
46 /Let’s m . a line, children.
47/ May I go out? .
	a. Hello	b.nice to meet you	c.Fine, thanks	d.sure
48/ What are ? .cassettes.
	a.they/ There are	b.they/ It’s	c.this/ It’s	d.these/They’re
49/ and fat./ this / is my mother./ She is / young
50/	the / words./ down /Copy
51/ How are yoy ?- I’m fine, th 
52/ My brother is a teacher. Oh! My sister is a teacher, t 
53/ ..are three bedrooms in my house
	a. What	b.That	c.There	d.how
54/ What is Tim’s younger brother doing ? _He ..
	a.are skating	b.skating	c.is skating	d.skate
55/ nice / meet / you./ It’s / to
56/ English in / is learning / little sister / Mary’s / her bed room.
57/ I play hide-and-seek at my breaktime. ..t’s play together.
58/ is she? –She Mr.Wilson. She my English teacher.
59/ Is .a flower? Yes. That is a flower.
	a.that’s	b.that	c.this	d.this is
60/ .., teacher?Sure.
	a.Stand up	b.Open your book	c.who is he	d.may I go out
61/ new / are / These / jeans. / my father’s
62/ nice to / I’m jane./ see you./ Hi, / it’s
63/ Do you like pl g badminton? No, I don’t.
64/ His classroom is b_g. It’s not small.
65/ Read .. me, please
	a.on	.to	 c.after	 	 d.in
66/ Odd one out:
	a.cloudy	b.rainy	c.sunny	d.weather
67/ don’t / I / books./ reading / like
68/ this / your / box? / Pencil /	Is
69/ -John: This is my sister. – What is ..r name?
70/ How are you to ..y, David? _I’m fine, thank you.
71/ Odd one out:
	a.sunny	b.rainy	c.windy	d.cloud
72/ Who’s that ? - ..
	a. That’s my sister	b. It’s my family
	c. It’s my house	d. He is a police
73/ boys./ Let’s/ count/ the
74/ that desk./ erasers/ There are/ two/ on
75/ Is ., a dog? – No, there is not.
76/ This is my flat. There is a big li___g room.
77/ We need to find the ..
 	a. bears	b. bees	c. boys	d.books
78/ Odd one out: 
	 a. its	b.his	c. she	d. her
79/ this / your / pencil /case?/ It
80/ on/ sleeping/ your dog/ Is/ the flour?
81/This is Jack, my friend. He is fourteen ...rs old.
	82/This is my fa .er. He is an engineer.
	83/What is that? - 
	a.It is my dog	b. That is my sister	c.They are my dogs	d.it is Nam
	84/Let’s . . a song, children.
	a.sing’s	b.sings	c.sing	d.the sing
	85/the schoolyard? / they / are / What / doing in
	86/apple / sees / a / giant / She
	87/Is this the w . we go to school?- yes, it is.
	88/w .. is that? That’s jenny. She is my friend.
	89/How many kites are there? 
	a.One kites	b. It’s two kites	c. Two kites	d.Three kites
	90/ is your computer? –It is black.
	a.What	b.What colour	c.How	When
	91/nice to / It is / meet you, / mrs, hill. too,
	92/very /beautiful / are / Those / flower./
	93/What are Tom and his younger sister doing?
 –They are lis .. to music together.
	94/my bag is . The table.
 95/Can you play the piano/ .
	a.Yes, I can’t	b. No, I can	 c.Yes, they are	d.Yes, we can
	96/What are these? 
	a.It’s a bicycle	b.They’re bicycles	c.They’re bicycle	d.It is bicycle
	97/colour?/ is / favourite /your / What
	98/ Peter and mary/ the school / gate./ at/ are
	99/This is my school. It.. name is London Primary School
	100/ ., I’m Simon. Nice to meet you.
	101/Pizza is my favourite 
	 a.drink b.food c.apple d.milk
	102/Come and play with 
	a.to b.my c.I d.me
	103/ isn’t / watching / My / TV now./ grandmother
	104/ I am / in / school / Nguyen Thi Minh Khai primary / a student
	105/ There are many things in the ..oom.(nghe)
	106/How many rulers a there on the table?
	107/Is this an eraser? , it is.
	a.a b.An c.No d.Yes
	108/open your school bag, 
	a.out b.please c.thanks d.too
	109/milk / you / Do/ and fish? / want
	110/crayon / me / the / ,please. /Give
	111/Lan, this is my new school. – What,s .. name?
	112/Put your pencils a_ay, please.
	113/Goodbye. - ..
	a.Bye.See you soon 	 b.Hi. I am Nam 
 	 c.Good morning. Sit down,please 	 d.Nice to meet you
	114/These are Lan and nga. .. my friends
	a.These b.She’s c.They’re d.It,s
	115/ I /borrow /your / May / ruler?
	116/The /red ball / is / the dog. /behind
	117/C .. here , Peter. Let’s play with us.
	118/ There are four teddy bears on the c .rs.
	119/Odd one out:
	a.open b.is 	 c.sit 	 d.stand
	120/ Is your classroom big? - , it,s small.
	a.Yes b.yes, it isn’t c.No, it is d.No
	121/your friend. / “Hello” / say / to / Let’s
 	122/my / in / a book case / room. / There’s
	123/ Nice to meet you, Paul. – Nice to meet you, t ..
	124/ Goodbye , Alice. you later.
	125/There are two mirrors in the . (nghe)
	a.bedroom b.big room c.bathroom d.living room
	126/ How cats are there ? two cats.
	a. much b.old c. many d.for
	127/ the table/ six crayons / There / on / are 
	128 / and / see / you / again . / Goodbye
	129/ G ..dbye. See you later.
	130/ Thank you. – You are w ...come.
	131/Who’s that? _ That’s Miss White. ... is my teacher.
	a.He b.Her c.She d.It
	132/ Who is he ?- .
	a.She’s fine b.She’s Mary c.He’s Tom d.I’m fine,thanks
	133/ eraser. / Pick up / and / your /ruler
	134/ do / Let / puzzle. /a / us
	135/ e is my English book ? It is on the table
	136/Sing wit me , Jane.
	137/ What is this ? - 
	a.This is rulers b. It is a ruler c.It is an ruler d. They are rulers
	138/ Odd one out:
	a.how b.what c.who d. many
	139/do/ How many / dogs / have? / you
	140/your / pencils / children./ away,/ Put
	141/ Wr . Your name here, please.
	142/ What colour is this rose / - It,s p 
	143/Who’s .? It’s . Baby suster, Trang.
	a.this/ I b.this /Is c.this / my d.this / an
	144/ Is this a crayon ? - .., it isn’t.
	a.Not b.No c. Yes d. Yes, it is
	145/This / a / red and white/ ruler . / is
	146/brother’s / that / house? / Linda’s / is
	147/ How .d is Mary? – She is seven.
	149/Odd one out :
	a.classroom b.living room c.bedroom d.bathroom
	150/I .. books in the school library.
	a. stand 	 b. sit 	c. write 	 d. read
	151/ mess./ a / make / Don’t
	152/ you / to music? / like /listening /Do
	153/That is my caring father . I call .m “Daddy”
	154/ o is that ? –That’s my brother.
	155/ Odd one out:
	a. repeat b.listen c.read d. am
	156/ Odd one out:
	a. eraser b.purple c.map d. ruler
	157/ aloud/ Red/ and/ sit down. / then
 . .
158/ are there/ students/ in/ your classroom?/ How many
159/ That m over there is Mr Nam.
160/ There are two clock on the table.
161/ What color her pens? - .. green and red.
	a. is/ It’s	b. are/They’re	c. are/There are	 	d. is/ They’re
162/ Pick . Your pen, children.
163/ There are/ tables/ my classroom./ in/ ten
164/ the/ answer, / Cride/ children
165/ What is the ...e of your primary school? – It is Ba Trieu Primary School.
166/ I ca .. my grandfather grandpa.
167/ , students.See you later.
	a. Good morning b. Good night	 c. Goodbye	d. Nice to meet you.
168/ Do you clean your ? (nghe)
	a. bedroom	b. art room	c. bathroom	d. classroom	
169/is / brown / a / This / chair.
170/ talking / about family? /your / Are / friends
171/ Let’s make a c . (nghe)
172/What do you do at break time ? –I often c .. with my friends.
173/ your teeth, John.
	a.Read	b.Listen	c.Stand	d.Brush
174/The robot is .. along the ground.
	a.skipping	b.sitting	c.skating 	d. chasing
175/ three /long /are / crayons. /There
176 / There / six days / aren’t / in /a week .
177/ Is your classroom big? – No, it n’t.
178/ I like to eat pizza v .y much.
179/ These are pink and white .
	a.a cloud	b.clouds	c.cloud	d.a clouds
180/He .. to school every morning
	a.go	b.go’s	c.goes	d.goes to
181/you /give / Can / that pencil ? / me
 182/ The / flower vase. / the /flowers /are in
 183/Wa .. your hands, please.
184/ Jim and his friend have two hats. T .. are yellow.
185/ How are ., Tom? Fine, thanks. And you?
	a.you	b.you’re	c.your	d.he
186/How are you? ..
	a.fine, thanks	b.Nice to meet you	c.My name’s Sean	 d.See you later
187/ the table./ There are / books / five / on
188/ fine / you? / ,thank you. /And / I’m
189/Thy are very happy in their small ..y. (nghe)
190/How m .. rulers are there ? –Three rulers
191/Nice to meet you. - .
	a.Goodbye	b.See you later	c.Nice to meet you,too	d.Good morning
192/What’s his name? ..
	 a.Fine, thanks	b.Nice to meet you, too c.His name is John	 d.He is my friend
193/ lines, /make / Let’s /please . /two
194/ is Lan’s grandmother?- She is ninety years old now.
	a.What	b.How	c.How many	d.How old
195/ ? – She’s my grandmother.
	a.Who’s he	b.What’s this	c.Who’s she	 d.How are you
196/What’s your name?- .
	a.Nice to meet you, too	b.My name’s John	c.I’m fine, thank you	d.Goodbye
197/Is your school white? - ..
	aYes, it isn’t	b. No, it is	c.No, is it not	d.Yes, it is
198/ Hello.My name is Minh. - .
	a.Fine, thanks	b.Hi, Minh. I’m Lan	c. I’m ten	d.Goodbye
199/What are ..?- .cassettes.
	a. they /There are	b.they /It’s	c. this/ It’s	d.these /They’re
200/ Good morning, Miss white!........
	a.Bye, children	b.See you again, children	
	c.Good morning, children	d.Fine, thanks. And you	
 201/.our classroom. / is / This
 202/.bedroom. /my /is /This
 203/.There are /my school bag./ ten /in / pencils
 204/.a /hat ./ yellow / This /is 
 205.to / Point /the / teacher.
 Chúc các em học giỏ i!
Wish you good student!

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